Instrumental Soul

Improvisation drives our souls to infinity. We are present and we create endless future. We are inspired to bring only best emotions/feelings to Your event.

Instrumental soul is a band from Lithuania. Universal, unique & free. Playing only live music in a wide range of different events: starting from various private parties and ending by being part of higher level of clubbing in any lounge or night club.

We share our latest summer hit to introduce ourselves to You!

This project

This project was created by three enthusiastic performers. They have danced in the most famous clubs around the world with the best of the best. They are inspired by the best shows ever performed.

Is a place where

Diamond Soul Factory is a place where the talents are born. Charismatic faces, breathtaking costumes and shocking performances – that’s us. You will want us, you won’t forget us, we will make every cell of your body scream! We are the DIAMOND SOUL FACTORY team.

We are diamonds

We are diamonds, we are the toughest gems, we create, we grow, we look only forward. See for yourself. Arrogant? Well, might be so…